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When you work with the professionals of Devoe Contracting, you secure expert and trained support for your oil field operations. Our workers use precision as they service your fields. Plus, Devoe uses the latest equipment to speed along our client’s projects. Get a partner you can trust with Devoe Contracting.

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Physical – 26015 County Road 46, Kersey CO 80644
Mailing – PO Box 299, Kersey CO 80644
Direct: 970-284-7824
Fax: 970-284-7939

OWNERSHIP – Robert B Devoe and Shaun B Devoe

OPERATIONS Manager: Jeff Hansen, Cell: 970-301-2706
OFFICE Manager/HR: Pam Elliott, Cell: 970-673-2516
SAFETY Coordinator: Candence Hood, Cell: 970-573-1578
DOT Compliancy/field rep: Ryan Daniels, Cell: 970-673-3133

EQ/DIRT WORK: Mike Meissner, Cell: 970-566-6052
TRANSPORTS: Mike Meissner, Cell: 970-396-0948
HYDROVAC/WINCH: Matt Ballard, Cell: 970-539-1708
ROUSTABOUT: Joel Martinez, Cell: 970-539-3127

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE – Roger Rosnik – 970-284-7824
ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLES – Jenna Geist – 970-284-7824

26015 County Road 46
Kersey, CO 80644

Fully Licenced and Certified

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